About Us

David B
Our founder and creator of Big Book Basic Training has been clean & sober for 28 years. He has also been a grateful member of Al-Anon for 25 years.
Having grown up with two alcoholic parents and having brothers and sisters who are alcoholics and drug addicts, I identify with those struggling with addiction, especially those trying to find clear, organized directions for how to effectively work and teach 12 Step recovery.
For years into my recovery I suspected I might be missing something. Then, three years sober a man sat me down and read the A.A. Big Book to me taking me through the 12 Steps as we went. I immediately took my sponsees through the same process. What I learned and experienced was indescribable. Instantly the direction of my life shifted dramatically with very little effort on my part. My mind cleared, I went to college and earned a bachelor’s degree, and in 2012 received my Master’s degree in Technology Systems. Given everything I learned over the years and the incredible impact the 12 Steps had on my life I felt inspired to create a learning management system that clearly explains and demonstrates exactly what every person needs to know and do to achieve and maintain long-term recovery.
David and his wife and daughter live in Irvine CA.

“Recovery is a journey, and the 12 Steps are the roadmap. Let us guide you on your recovery journey.”