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As the Big Book Basic training video series walks each user through the AA Big Book (page-by-page) the videos also walk the user through the entire 12 Steps process – carefully showing the user how to complete the Steps – using this fill-in-the-blanks workbook.

This 171 page workbook includes thought provoking questions for each step along with detailed instructions with clarifying diagrams that show the user how to complete all of the Big Book inventories. The workbook also includes: morning, throughout the day, and evening mediation sheets created from the AA Big Book.

If you want to work the 12 Steps using the videos on this website (in a highly organized easy-to-use fashion) we highly recommend this workbook. We created the workbook in unison with the videos series. The videos and workbook go together.

Note: this product was created for everyone working and/or teaching 12 Step recovery

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