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If you want to show the videos inside a rehab, institution or a meeting (for example) this DVD series is for you.

Using the Step menus on each DVD the user can very easily access any Step (or any topic within a Step) from the AA Big Book. Simply select a step, choose the starting point within the chapter, and tap the icon and the video starts playing (in sequence): reading, underlining and explaining from that chosen point in the AA Big Book.

Book Basic Training is a 10 hour video series that carefully walks viewers through the first 172 pages of the AA Big Book “Alcoholics Anonymous”. Colorful video illustrations help breakdown and clarify hundreds of the AA Big Book’s sequential concepts and principals.

Note: this product was created for everyone working and/or teaching 12 Step recovery.

Each set includes the entire 10 hour Big Book Basic Training video series on 8 DVDs.

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Dimensions 12 × 9 × 1 in

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