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"I've been sober for 23 1/2 years... I highly recommend this tool."

"I've been sober for 23 1/2 years and have taken many guys through the AA big book.I am excited about the purchase of this product because it explains and answers manyIt simplifies the do's and the don't. It is very thorough and complete in it's teaching.This is for new comers and old timers as well. It will confirm and strengthen all that one hasFor everyone who is tired of hurting and seeking a new way of living then I highly recommend this tool."

Steve V. Greenville, NC.

I referred to still after 17 months sober is the inventory…

David, the big book basic training helped me go through the first 164 pages of the big book with my sponsor. The workbook explained The number of the terms in the big book that are important to know when trying to comprehend the deeper meaning of the concepts. The portion of the workbook that I referred to still after 17 months sober is the inventory as I work with other men it reminds me of things that I forgot. I'm working with two men right now and we're going through the workbook listening to the audio explanations and that's very helpful. The audio portion explaining the ego and the spirit at first was difficult to understand but after going through the going through that with the other men it's becoming clearer.



"I have been in recover for 23 years… so well written and so easy to follow"

I'm a very grateful recovering Alcoholic I have been in recover for 23 years this kit has been a great gift for me to work the steps again,its so well written and so easy to follow. So I'm glad I got on the bus, let God drive it, and Let Go! I have told everyone how wonderful this Big Book Training Kit is if its your first day or years of recover Best Tool . Just for today!

JoAnn O

Love this guide

Love this guide. Two others in my group have bought it after seeing mine to help with their sponsorship. One of the few non-AA publications that truly follows the book and guides a new person and their sponsor through the intent and meanings of the 12 steps.

Janet L

I have 17 years of sobriety… greater depth and understanding

I received the Big Book Basic Training Kit and I was greatly impressed. I have just started walking through the steps using the workbook that was included in the kit. I have 17 years of sobriety and have worked the 12 steps in the past but using both the video and the workbook allowed me to work the steps with greater depth and understanding.

I am able to listen to this kit in the car using the wireless headset, at home and anywhere I travel.

Kenneth B

"It has been wonderful to watch him grow... I can testify to his excitement"

"I am Steve's wife and I have walked through these 23 1/2 years with him. It has been wonderful to watch him grow throughout these years, needless to say not without painful moments. He has brought many guys to our home throughout the years to help them work on their recovery. He believes in giving back for all the help he has received. Now that he has purchased this new tool, I can testify to his excitement. It has brought a higher level of knowledge and understanding to the fundamental principals of the big book. It has given Steve a different freedom in sharing the message of recovery to them. I have listened to it several times and have witness the miracle of changed lives."

Lorraine V. Greenville, NC.


Great book

Seth G