What problem do we solve?


For decades newcomers have not been receiving “the kind and amount of sponsorship they so sorely needed”

In 1961 Bill Wilson Wrote: “Though three hundred thousand have recovered in the last twenty-five years, maybe half a million more have walked into our midst, and then out again. We can’t well content ourselves with the view that all these recovery failures were entirely the fault of the newcomers themselves. Perhaps a great many didn’t receive the kind and amount of sponsorship they so sorely needed. We didn’t communicate when we might have done so. So we AA’s failed them.”


Big Book Basic Training

Given today’s teaching technology – working the 12 Steps and learning how to recover from alcoholism (or any addiction) should take a few days – never weeks/months. This 10 hour video series carefully walks each user through the first 172 pages of the AA Big Book “Alcoholics Anonymous”. Colorful video illustrations help breakdown and clarify hundreds of the AA Big Book’s sequential concepts and principals – simultaneously guiding the user as they take all 12 Steps using the 170 page fill-in-the-blanks workbook. Now, every time that vital 12 Step teaching process is undertaken the teaching is communicated in way that is comprehensive and clear.