We Understand Your Needs

Our goal in creating the Big Book Basic Training 12 Step Learning Management System was to provide user-friendly tools for anyone interested in thoroughly working or teaching 12 Step recovery. The system’s video series and workbook allow users to very conveniently and effectively work the Steps, apply them in their life, and then use the system to very easily and effectively teach others.

We leveraged modern-day video technology to create hundreds of colorful video explanations designed to make absolutely certain every user fully understands everything they need to know and do to thoroughly work the 12 Step recovery program. Hundreds of quiz questions make sure the user fully understands the material as they go through the system. The system was created for members of all 12 step programs, people visiting and working in rehabs and prisons, employers, anyone interested in mastering 12 step recovery. Anyone can apply this solution to their life.

Alcoholics & Addicts

  Have you tried to stop; yet continue using/drinking?    
We have user-friendly tools guaranteed to help you very easily achieve long-term recovery. Take the mystery out of 12 Step recovery with our proven system available 24/7/365. We make learning how to stay clean and sober a breeze.

Friends & Family

          Are you troubled by someone's using/drinking?            
Are you ready for a comprehensive solution for both yourself and your loved-one? Use our system and take the mystery out of 12 Step recovery. Our online system is available 24/7/365. We make helping your loved-one a breeze.