Our goal when creating Big Book Basic Training was to provide everyone user-friendly online tools that allow them to very easily  and effectively work the 12 steps, then apply the Steps in their life, and then help users very easily and effectively help others.

This 10 hour video series carefully walks each user through the first 172 pages of the AA Big Book "Alcoholics Anonymous". Colorful video illustrations breakdown and clarify hundreds of the AA Big Book's sequential concepts and principals - simultaneously guiding the user as they take all 12 Steps using the Big Book Basic Training  fill-in-the-blanks workbook.

To accomplish our goal we leveraged modern-day video technology to create hundreds of colorful visual explanations designed to help users master every 12 Step concept and principle; to make sure they fully understand the true nature of obsession, and to help them develop a comprehensive understanding of the true nature of ego i.e. the self. The videos also spend a great deal of time on the nature of spirit, how spirit flows, and how to keep spirit and power flowing to us and through us to others.

If you are interested in a high-impact yet gentle learning system designed tho make absolutely certain you lay a rock solid foundation for your recovery then Big Book Basic Training is for you.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Albert Einstein